Tips to consider before signing a contract

May 30, 2014 2:28 am | Published by | Categorised in:

A contract is a formal document between two or more parties that is legally enforceable, so it is important that all parties be aware of what they are signing.

All individuals who sign a written contract should also take the time to ensure they understand what is outlined.

Here are some tips to follow when signing a written contract:

Read the entire contract

All parties should read the entire contract- from start to finish. The contract should be consistent with any negotiations that were discussed between parties.

Do not rush

Individuals should not feel pressured to sign a contract on the spot. It is a good idea to take the contract away and read it again, ensuring they fully understand everything listed in the contract.


If a party is unhappy, or does not agree with any clause in the contract, it is important that they negotiate the necessary changes with the parties involved.

Ensure the contract is complete

Never sign an incomplete contract as this could run the risk that other parties will insert a clause in the contract that has not been discussed.

Consider help

Contracts are often complex and written in legal jargon, which can make it difficult to interpret. A professional can assist in explaining the issues of the contract, ensuring that the individual is aware of what they are signing.