The importance of logos

September 30, 2014 4:19 am | Published by | Categorised in:

A logo is an image that can be associated with your company, helping establish your identity and giving the public another way to remember you. A visual image makes your company more memorable because people learn things and remember things in many different ways — some people are more verbal, some more visual. People use more of their brains when they associate you with both words and images, meaning you make more of a mental impact.

Some logo pointers for small businesses:

A good logo conveys something about your company and gives people a feeling about the kind of company you are.

An inexpensive way to create some visual images for your business is to add graphic elements: lines, squares, circles or diamonds.

A logo doesn’t have to be a drawing or illustration; a logo can be made up entirely of typography.

Brainstorm logo ideas on your own — make sketches, list words and phrases you’d like your logo to convey, etc. — but think about hiring a graphic designer to create the finished product. An unprofessional looking logo can damage your brand.