Seven steps to writing an engaging blog post

June 25, 2015 11:36 pm | Published by | Categorised in:

A quality blog can help businesses build a strong online presence. But one of the main challenges they face is crafting original content on a constant basis. Using systems can help businesses overcome this problem and produce regular, high-quality blog content.  A systematic approach to blogging may sound boring, but in reality, it can make the task a whole lot easier. Below is an example of a system that is designed to make writing blog posts as simple as possible.

1. Pick a topic ahead of time
Choosing a topic and trying to write it at the same time can kill productivity. Make a list of topics and titles to work from ahead of time to make this process fast and simple.

2. Write an engaging introductory paragraph
Introductions help to define the progress and flow of a blog post. They should be kept simple, capture readers attention, and share the main idea of the article.

3. Create an outline
Blog posts need a structured outline to be successful. Blogs with no outline tend to ramble, and may confuse or bore readers.

4. Share research
Find a case study, news article or other high-quality content that supports the point you’re trying to make in the blog post. Backing up your claims with actual research can build trust with online readers.

5. Add Images
Break up your content with a few relevant images. But be aware of online copyright laws, and always cite your sources.

6. Create a Conclusion
Sometimes writing the conclusion before writing the blog post can be productive. It causes the blog article to stay tight and focused. Conclusions should be short and summarise the article.

7. Finish with a question
Questions can get readers thinking about your blog post, which in turn can increase reader engagement.