Mobile marketing

March 19, 2015 10:39 pm | Published by | Categorised in:

Mobile marketing is a very important facet of a business’s online presence. However, optimising websites for mobile access and promoting one’s business on location and review based mobile sites is something that often goes overlooked in a marketing plan. Here are a few tips to get your mobile marketing up and running:

Make sure that your website is responsive: A lot of business owners don’t realise that a great website with excellent functionality will not necessarily work on on a mobile phone or tablet. In order to be optimised for different sized screens, a website needs to be responsive.
Ensure that your business is easy to find using online maps: If Google and other search engines know where your business is and what you do, it will direct customers your way. You may also care to integrate a mapping application into your website.
Be present on review sites: Depending on your industry, online reviews can give you a significant marketing boost. For example, a restaurant that is active on reviews sites, has a lot of reviews, and a great average rating is likely to attract a lot of new customers.