Management styles that develop productive teams

August 17, 2015 12:46 am | Published by | Categorised in:

It is the responsibility of the leader of any team to develop the capability of their team members to become highly efficient and effective workers. Teams who are efficient and effective are highly organised, clear on their goals and complete their work to the standard of quality expected of them within the designated time frames.

Below are three management styles which can cultivate these kinds of teams through different approaches and ideologies.

Transparent managers are clear on their expectations and strategies used to achieve team goals. These managers know how important it is to communicate the business’s strategy, goals and explain how each team member’s role contributes to the business strategy.

Empowering managers don’t micro-manage their team. They invest their time educating their employees and give them the opportunity to make mistakes and learn. They encourage their team to be more independently productive and can ensure worker sustainability in the business.

Healthy managers tend to have a balance in their work and personal life, and are more relatable to their employees. These kinds of managers who put health and happiness first are more likely to encourage their employees to do the same. Happy and healthy employees are more productive than overworked or tired employees, and are more likely to build good relationships with others.