Keeping up with your employees

September 15, 2015 10:57 pm | Published by | Categorised in:

When you are kept busy with the ups and downs of running a business, it can be easy to fall out of touch with your employees. While this doesn’t necessarily bring about any immediate repercussions, not keeping up with employees can be quite costly in the long run, in terms of employee engagement, work ethic and job satisfaction.

In order to retain hard-working employees, employers should consider the following issues and how they might address them:

Employees keep an eye out for new jobs
Even though an employee may appear happy in their current position, the chances are that they are keeping an eye out for new work. To avoid losing an employee to a new job position, employers should consider meeting with employees on a regular basis to obtain feedback and discuss job expectations and concerns.

Employees may not be as engaged as you think
A disengaged employee is of no benefit to anyone. While employees may appear to be working hard in the office when you’re around, it can be very easy for them to become distracted when they feel like they have no purpose. Purpose is key to employee engagement. Employers should make their employees feel that their efforts contribute to a business’s overall goal, as this can be both rewarding and motivating.

Employees aren’t satisfied with their pay
Compensation is one of the leading drivers of an employee’s attraction and retention. If your employees aren’t happy with their pay, you need to know about it before they find a better option elsewhere. Giving a pay raise or bonus isn’t always an option. However, there are budget-friendly ways to compensate employees, such as offering workplace perks or benefits.