Finding your ideal customer

July 7, 2015 10:09 pm | Published by | Categorised in:

Attracting more customers to a business is typically the focus of many marketing strategies. However, attracting the right kind of customer for the business should be the real focus.

An ideal customer sees the value in employing your services, actively seeks out your advice, and is willing to pay you for what you’re worth. Surprisingly, it can be quite easy to find these customers. Knowing who to look for is the key.

Businesses should begin by creating a customer persona. This persona should include the customer’s age, family status, income, wants and challenges. Businesses should consider what would specifically appeal to this person and how they can achieve it.

Businesses should then create a list based on what they expect from their ideal customers. Some aspects to consider could include whether the customer would:
– Pay on time
– Pay the price asked for
– Take fast action on assignments
– Provide feedback and;
– Tell others about the business’s products and services

Once a business has identified and understood their ideal customer, the process of targeting these customers is much easier. Narrowing the search for ideal customers can help build a better business faster with the right customers.