Customising your super strategy

August 27, 2015 12:43 am | Published by | Categorised in:

Adjusting your super fund strategy so you can have a more active role in managing your retirement savings can often result in a number of rewards and benefits.

However, it is important for those who opt to take more control of their super fund’s asset allocation to consider aspects in the long-term, rather than react to any short-term financial changes.

The typical investment strategy options for super accounts are cash, conservative, balanced, growth and high growth. Most default funds combine members who are still saving for retirement into the same balanced option. But while conservative and growth assets tend to deliver the best long-terms returns for most members, it is worth considering if these investment options suit a member’s personal wants and needs.

Key life events, such as marriage, starting a family, or approaching retirement, are often good opportunities to consider and review superannuation investment strategies.  Fund members should also take into consideration what stage of life they are at when deciding the kind of investment strategy they want their super in.

Changing the level of risk in a super fund can be as easy as selecting a new option online or over the phone. And while most funds don’t charge members for changing their investment strategy option, it is always a good idea to check with your super fund if this is the case. There can also be a slight difference in investment fees between strategies. While higher growth and more active strategies can be more expensive, these costs can become inconsequential when compared to the value of being in the right strategy.