Creating a positive work environment

July 29, 2015 11:37 pm | Published by | Categorised in:

Achieving a positive and motivated workplace culture is the kind of business asset that is surprisingly hard to maintain.

Lazy and unmotivated employees, poor communication and workplace bullying can all contribute to a work environment that no-one wants to be in. This kind of workplace toxicity can have lasting repercussions on a business’s future in growth and profitability.

Although there is no such thing as an instant solution, there are ways managers and owners can create a more positive environment. Below are five steps designed to help identify the causes of workplace negativity and what you can do to create a positive work culture for all.

1. Trust your employees
It is impossible for someone to exhibit innovation if they are held back by policies or committees. Trusting your employees gives them the space required to be innovative and helps create an environment that forgives mistakes.

2. Address passive aggression
Passive aggressive behaviour is detrimental to everyone involved. Make sure you do not allow it in your workplace by enforcing policies that require workers to address issues with others directly, instead of talking about it behind their backs.

3. Get rid of the bullies
Even if they are high performing workers, do not hesitate to dismiss workplace bullies. Keeping them on can often cause more serious, long term issues. Allowing workplace bullying to take place or continue also indicates to employees that the business’s profits are more important than they are.

4. Provide feedback
Avoiding difficult conversations can create a build up of problems over time. It is important for leaders to be seen as leaders by employees, and this means dealing with difficult issues and providing feedback on a regular basis.