Business awards

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Winning a business award can bring about a lot of opportunities for your business. It can be a huge marketing boost and can also help to generate industry recognition, which may help you to attract new and exciting business partners. Employee pride is another major benefit of winning a business award, and it may well help you to attract and retain talent in the future.

There are many business awards that you may be eligible to apply for, but you should always carefully research the reputation of the administering institution. There are several business awards that have attracted criticisms for being non-selective in choosing their finalists, all for the purpose of raising revenue from ticket sales.

As applying for a business award can be an onerous task, you should also carefully consider which award categories you are the most likely to succeed in, as well as which ones are the most closely aligned with your business aims. While application process itself may seem tedious, you should strive to view it as an exciting opportunity for you to examine your business from an overarching perspective, considering your long-term performance, achievements and potential for improvement.

Most award applications require a written submission, typically answering a series of questions and/or addressing criteria. It is advisable to illustrate any claims you make with a concrete example of your achievements. The inclusion of testimonials and relevant case studies will go a long way in making your submission stand out.