Building your brand on a budget

October 27, 2016 10:24 pm | Published by | Categorised in:

Many business owners would agree that there are more important things to spend money and time on than simply building their business’s brand.

However, having a strong brand is often quite vital to a business’s success. Effective brands – e.g. Coca-Cola, Nike, Bonds etc. – can make businesses stand out from the competition and gain customer loyalty.

Building a brand doesn’t always have to be an expensive endeavour. While it can be challenging, especially when dealing with the everyday problems running a small business throws at you, many entrepreneurs are finding that taking advantage of social media and other free online marketing opportunities can make the process a whole lot easier – and cheaper!

Here are some ideas small businesses can use to start building their brand on a budget:

Provide amazing customer service
Making your customers feel special and appreciated is a sure way of increasing the likelihood that they will tell others to do business with you. Ensuring that every customer interaction your business has ends on a positive note can fuel word-of-mouth ‘buzz’ around your business – an excellent way to build brand recognition and appreciation.

Get on social media – and be consistent
Sharing your business’s brand and overall message on social media is inexpensive and easy. It also is a good way to reach potential customers and keep track of your online reputation. Businesses can interact with customers directly via social media, which can help quicken response time in situations when customers make complaints or ask questions.

Offer a referral program
Providing customers with perks when they refer a friend or colleague to your business means they are much more likely to do it. Referral programs can generate more word-of-mouth marketing, resulting in more customers walking through your door.