Attract customers with Christmas marketing tips

November 30, 2012 11:59 am | Published by | Categorised in:
A survey conducted by Experian Analysts has revealed that December 23rd is the key day for businesses to receive traffic from email promotions. In order to prepare for this D-Day there are a few points to consider when sending out festive season marketing emails.
  1. Offer an exact delivery date. This may appear difficult, but with some planning and organisation businesses can guarantee customers an all important delivery date- key to securing pre-Christmas sales.
  2. Word emails well: According to the survey, the words “Christmas/New Year” and “sale” had the highest email opening rate, followed by “% off” and “Christmas/New Years”.
  3. Consider gift idea campaigns. Not everyone will have the time leading up to Christmas to choose from a full catalogue. It may be a good idea to package and suggest a few key items that will allow customers to cross people off their Christmas wish list.

Implementing a few key strategies can work wonders in increasing Christmas sales and generating business interest in the all important festive season.